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The charity sector's first benchmarking tool for loyalty

"What the charity sector needs is a way to measure the loyalty of their donors." Professor Adrian Sargeant.

About Loyalty has given the charity sector its first benchmarking tool for donor loyalty - underpinned by indepth understanding of the three main drivers: Commitment, Satisfaction and Trust.

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What is About Loyalty?

About Loyalty is a benchmarking tool to help you measure the loyalty of your donors.

Loyalty is the feeling of support or allegiance to a cause or charity and underpins the relationship our donors have.

Now you can measure this, understand how loyalty varies across your donor file and compare your performance to other charities.

And, crucially, see the relationship between loyalty and long term value.

Who are we?

We are three parties who care passionately about how charities build long term, valuable relationships with donors.

Roger Lawson has worked for many years to understand why people give to the charities they do and the emotional drivers of why they are loyal to them.

Wood for Trees have analysed countless charity databases, and have unparalleled experience of mapping donor behaviours.

Professor Adrian Sargeant, Director of the Hartsook Centre for Sustainable Philanthropy at Plymouth University has dedicated his life to understanding donor loyalty. He has forgotten more than most ever know in the first place.


Free report

In 2015, About Loyalty ran the largest survey into understanding the drivers of donor loyalty. The aim of this research was to understand:

1. What the most important drivers of donor loyalty are.

2. Whether it is possible to measure donor loyalty.

3. Whether there is a relationship between donor loyalty and donor retention or value

4. How loyalty varies between different donor types.

The full report is available, free of charge. Just click here to request it.