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The charity sector's first benchmarking tool for loyalty

The biggest study into donor loyalty. Ever!

In 2015, About Loyalty analysed the drivers of loyalty and the giving behaviours of over 22,000 donors to five of the UK's largest charities.

In this analysis:

1. We tested 12 hypotheses for what will drive loyalty, and identified the three most important - Commitment, Satisfaction andTrust.

2. We showed that by understanding what drives loyalty, it is possible to measure it.

3. We found that there is a relationship between a donor's loyalty score and the length of time they give for.

4. We discovered how different factors such as how the donor supports or recruitment source influence loyalty. As do other factors such as age, social class and the number of ways a donor supports you.

5. We saw that what charities need to do to inclrease the core drivers of Commitment, Satisfaction and Trust varies.

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